Caring for Your Jacaranda Trees

The iconic Jacaranda tree lines the south east Queensland streets at the height of spring, blooming and dropping its bright purple flowers everywhere. Living for anywhere from 50 to 200 years, these trees make a statement with their solid foundations and lavish foliage.


Native to South America, the fine seeds make germinating very quick and easy and maintenance a challenge. It is recommended to leave any pruning until the tree has matured as they are very reactive, producing green vertical shoots where it has been cut back. This disrupts the aesthetics of the tree and requires frequent clean up and care.


Although they are a lovely sight, the root systems of Jacaranda trees are strong, extensive and dominant and can therefore damage fences, driveways and paths around them.


Are you unsure of how to maintain and care for the Jacaranda on your property? Contact us, we are happy to help.