Nurturing Poinciana Trees for Vibrant Blooms

The Royal Poinciana, grows up to 9 – 12 metres high. With an umbrella canopy as wide as it is tall, they provide shade and protection in the warmer climates. Originating from Madagascar, the blooming of the bright orange flowers indicates the coming of Summer in south east Queensland.


Despite their beauty, Poincianas have a tendency to develop dead wood that attracts borers. They should be examined externally for tell-tale borer holes by peeling aside a little bark from any damaged wood and looking for pin-holes. When in doubt, it is best to call an arborist, to assess the health of the tree. If left untreated, Poincianas may collapse due to damage to the heartwood and the resulting rot, definitely something we all want to avoid.


Our top tip: Don’t plant one near a swimming pool, because the leaves shed seasonally and new ones grow immediately, creating a nightmare for your pool filter when the leaves drop. And also, maintenance is key for these beauties!


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