Storm-Ready: Tips for Tree Care in Storm Season

Queensland weather can definitely keep us on our toes!
For many of us, the subtropical climate is one of the main reasons we love living here and while we love our blue skies and sunny days, we are also known for our spectacular storm seasons.
Typically storm season begins in October and takes us through to April, however it has been known to fall outside of this scope… and it has honestly been one of my favourite times of year since I was a boy. The heavy rain, high winds, lightning strikes and even hail are a sight to behold.
Now, as an Arborist, South-East Queensland’s storm seasons hold an additional significance for me in that a large part of my job is working with home-owners to ensure their trees are all safe and ready to ride out this time of year, or responding to call-outs for fallen or storm damaged trees.
Below are a few resources that may be helpful if you are preparing your home for storm season. And also a gentle reminder to get your trees checked by a qualified Arborist if you have any concerns.

If you are looking for an Arborist in Brisbane my number is 0433 624 761.