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In both residential and commercial settings, block clearing is necessary in order to prepare the piece of land for upcoming building plans. Block clearing refers to the removal of all plant debris that can potentially get in the way of building a new piece of infrastructure. The experienced team at Ecological Tree Services has been offering trusted and comprehensive block clearing services around Brisbane for over a decade. Our team is committed to ensuring the piece of land is cleared to the highest standard, which allows construction to start on time and as planned.


Before any construction begins on a piece of land, it must be completely cleared of all plant debris. This includes clearing trees, removal of tree stumps, tree wood chipping and trimming of trees not in affected areas. If this process is not done correctly, building sites can be left challenging issues during the construction process. This can result in building times being extended, and therefore an increase in spending on the project.


When clearing trees and plant debris on a property for the purposes of block clearing, it is in your best interest to hire the help of an industry professional. Most blocks of land will have large trees, bushes and stumps on them that require some sort of machinery to get rid of. If you are doing a DIY job and do not have the necessary equipment, it may take a very long time to clear your block, or simply not be possible. A professional service, such as Ecological Tree Services, has all of the right equipment and machinery to clear your block in the most effective and efficient way.


Block clearing requires a range of different tools and machinery in order to be done efficiently and effectively. Clearing trees on a property requires chainsaws while getting rid of stumps requires a stump grinder. Furthermore, in order to properly clear the block of all debris and organic waste, a tractor, loader, and mower are generally required.

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