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Dead wooding refers to the process of removing dead branches from your trees. Dead or dying branches are a lot looser than other branches on a tree and are therefore more likely to be knocked loose during a storm, which poses a safety risk to yourself, your property and other people around it. By removing these branches in the process of dead wooding, you can significantly reduce these risks and make your property a safe one. At Ecological Tree Services, our team has over a decade of experience in the industry and has worked on countless dead wooding jobs. For the best tree branch maintenance in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, get in contact with our team now.


The main benefit of dead wooding is increasing the safety of the area around your tree. Dead, dying, or diseased branches become weak and vulnerable, which can lead them to fall without warning. If you have a large tree on your property, there may be branches in the canopy of the tree that are dying or are already dead. If they fall from that height, it may cause serious damage to yourself, your property or other people in the vicinity.

Additionally, dead wooding mitigates the risk of branches becoming dangerous in the event of a storm. Dead branches will be the first to detach from a tree when exposed to high winds, therefore they should be removed before they pose this threat.


It is generally necessary to employ a tree branch maintenance specialist to undertake your dead wooding needs, due to the tools and equipment required to get rid of branches, especially ones that are high on the tree. A professional tree branch maintenance team will use a cherry picker and chainsaw to safely remove dead branches.


October or November are the best months to take care of your dead wooding needs, as it is before the start of the summer storms that put your property at risk.

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