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The team at Ecological Tree Services is proud to offer the best and most reliable tree maintenance and tree cutting services in Brisbane. With over a decade of experience working in the industry, you can feel confident that you will be dealing with experienced and dedicated professionals in the industry. We understand the importance of tree maintenance and tree removal in order to keep your home safe from potential tree damage, as well as keep up the aesthetics of your home.


There are a number of reasons to ensure the trees around your home are maintained correctly. Trees can pose a danger to your home during storms, therefore tree cutting and maintenance must be upheld to reduce these risks. A tree removal service may also be required for property development and renovation purposes, as well as environmental preservation.


Tree maintenance exists in a number of forms. Firstly, tree cutting or tree trimming is necessary to keep the trees around your home under control and in order to mitigate the risks that overgrown trees can pose. This is a practice that is used when the owner of the property in which these trees are on, does not wish to cut them down completely. Another practice is tree removal. This involves hiring a tree removal service, such as Ecological Tree Services, and having them cut down and completely remove the tree or trees. This is more common when a tree is in the way of building plans and renovations.


Tree maintenance can be a dangerous job, especially when dealing with old and large trees. When cutting branches at the top of the tree, it is always safer to use a cherry picker and have the person cutting the tree in a harness. Additionally, cutting a tree down completely can also pose a danger to yourself and other people around you, as well as any structures that are close to the tree. This is why choosing a professional tree removal service to undertake these jobs is a smart and logical choice.

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