Becoming a Qualified Arborist: The Journey

Y’all may have noticed that I keep things pretty relaxed, but I am going to take a second to clarify something after a conversation I recently had with a prospective client.

I have had a few conversations with this client, been available to answer questions and popped around to take a look at the job and provide a quote etc. all part of the job, and I am always happy to help (as with all our clients, she has been a pleasure to deal with).

Recently she was told by her neighbour that she (the neighbour) had looked up our business and we weren’t qualified to do the work, so didn’t want us involved. This is the part that I wanted to address, as it is an aspect of the business that we have worked INCREDIBLY hard on, and are pretty proud of.

We have five staff at Ecological Tree Services (including myself):

  • 2 x Qualified Cert III Climbing Arborists
  • 1 x Apprentice Climbing Arborist
  • 4 x First Aid qualified staff
  • 4 x Groundsman Training completions
  • 4 x Chainsaw Ticket completions
  • 4 x staff booked in to another Certificate next month.

As a random fact we also have 2 x Cert III’s in Fitness amongst a few other random qualifications, how about that!

If you have any questions about our qualifications and paperwork, please don’t hesitate to contact us.