Timber Usage and Recycling Practices with Ecological Tree Services in Brisbane

We often get asked, ‘Where does the timber go when you cut down our tree?’

The most common answer is that the tree is mulched onsite around Brisbane, by our commercial wood chipper, creating mulch which is then used as garden mulch.

On some occasions, for certain timbers, we will arrange for the log (trunk) to be transported where it can be milled for fencing, timber flooring or furniture, otherwise firewood is always a popular use of hardwood timber, while we don’t experience a long winter here in South East Queensland, we are very much accustomed to warmer weather, so wood burning fireplaces and backyard fires are always a hit!

Forest mulch, as it is called once processed, applied to a garden bed is one of the healthiest things you can do for your garden, especially as the Queensland winter brings cooler air and soil changes.

We have had a few interesting one’s over the time, where we have provided timber for an indigenous artist to build his exhibit, for local Brisbane kindies to use as stepping stones, or logs to climb on. We have used thicker branches as sleepers around garden beds, and even had rounds cut up for a wedding table display.

Lot’s of different variations of the timber being put to good use means you won’t ever see it being wasted, just another way we maintain a sustainable business as an eco tree company; and contribute positively to the Australian environment!