Why Hire an Arborist from Ecological Tree Services in Brisbane?

Not everyone knows that in order to become qualified as an Arborist we complete an apprenticeship, just like most other trades based qualifications. In this case it is a Certificate III in Horticulture specialising in Arboriculture (sounds a little flashier than tree lopper hey). Its pretty thorough and we cover everything from chainsaw use, how to cut a tree for long term growth and health, meeting Australian standards, tree health including pests and diseases and even rescuing someone from a tree in case of an accident.

At the risk of stating the obvious, our industry is not without it’s dangers which is why it is so important that the person you hire is qualified and capable to carry out the job.

You see there are a number of people out there working as ‘Tree Loppers’ in Brisbane that can and will work on your trees for you, but it doesn’t mean that they SHOULD. There are far too many instances where they are not qualified and therefore are not eligible to be insured for this type of work.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this because I am concerned about who the work is going to, there is no shortage of work to go around. But because there is a reason we go through a few years worth of training for this job, not because it means there is not risk to what we do, but it certainly goes a long way to help reduce the potential risk involved.

So when you are looking for someone to work around your property, don’t hesitate to ask them about their qualifications and insurances for your peace of mind, any qualified Arborist will be more than happy to share. Contact us for ours!